Assurance Services

Agreed-Upon Procedures & Engagements

Todd Greene performs a broad scope of individually tailored agreed-upon procedures and assurance services. Our professionals have the experience, licensing and continuing education to perform detailed AUP’s for clients in todays market. An AUP is an attestation service in which you engage Todd Greene to perform specific procedures and report findings.

“Attestation services” are services whereby our firm “attests” to the fairness of the financial information presented and signs a report that summarizes the findings. This is different from a tax return which is issued without any such attest report. These services range from a basic compilation to a much more involved full scope audit. An informed understanding of each of the three varying levels of services we provide will allow you to determine which is appropriate for your specific needs.

Tax Problem Resolution

Problems with the IRS are serious business, but the idea of trying to locate old financial records or find a way to pay off a large tax penalty can be overwhelming.

If you’ve received a notice for a tax audit, contact us right away for appropriate representation. And if you’ve encountered a lien, levy, or wage garnishment, we know what steps to take to settle your debt and remove it.

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