Tax Planning

Tax planning must be proactive rather than reactive.

Todd Greene CPA, PLLC takes a proactive approach to tax planning for small businesses and individuals. To effectively manage tax obligations, proper planning must be considered throughout the year, not just at tax time. Get started today by working with our Charlotte, NC accountant. With new tax updates looming, we diligently monitor changes to the tax code and pinpoint new opportunities to save our clients money on their taxes.

If you own an existing business, we’ll develop tax planning techniques tailored to your industry with the goal of decreasing liabilities and directing more revenue towards your bottom line. For new business owners, we’ll determine which entity is the most advantageous option for tax savings, so you can pick the right structure when you incorporate. And, if you’re one of our individual clients, we’ll minimize your tax obligations to make sure you keep more of your hard-earned money at the end of the year.

Todd Greene works with all kinds of businesses across the United States to evaluate your business goals and financial position. Take the initiative to start managing and reducing your tax burden today. Call our tax accountants at 704-919-3220 to schedule an appointment.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

  • Strategic tax planning for businesses and individuals
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • Multi-state tax planning
  • Trust and estate planning

When it comes to taxes no one wants to be in a situation where they aren’t getting the amount they deserve, and most definitely, no one wants to be burdened with owing money to the IRS. Planning for your taxes may seem inconvenient, or even a waste of time, but let us assure you, understanding your taxes and planning ahead may take time, but it’ll be worth it when tax season comes around. 

Todd Greene can help you understand some important factors that go into your taxes. Our professionals can help you better understand and figure out which tax bracket you fall into. Tax brackets depend on your income. To put it simply, higher income equates to a higher tax bracket, which likely means you’ll pay more taxes, however, it’ll also depend on your write-offs. Figuring out and understanding tax brackets can be frustrating and overwhelming so let us help you!

Our team of professionals can also help you develop an understanding of which documents you should keep and which are ok to let go. Tax audits can come at any time, so it’s best you’re always prepared. Chances are you won’t have to worry if you’ve never committed any type of tax fraud, however, if you’re unsure it’s best to keep those records, just in case, especially for anything that may have slipped through the cracks. 

Planning to understand the difference between tax deductions and tax credits will help you figure out what you can subtract out to reduce the amount you owe each season. Getting familiar with the tax world can prove beneficial when that time of year comes around. The licensed accountants here at Todd Greene are here to plan not only for your taxes, but for your future. Give us a call today!