High Net Worth

A CPA Firm For Business & High Net Worth Individuals

Todd Greene CPA, PLLC, a Charlotte-based CPA firm, has the experience and expertise to provide the area’a most comprehensive accounting, tax and financial management services to small businesses and high net worth individuals. We offer a FREE initial consultation to local business owners.

Todd Greene is the perfect answer to the accounting and tax needs of small businesses and high net worth individuals. We offer the flexibility to create a package of Charlotte accounting services, custom made to match the reporting requirements of your particular business. We can provide bookkeeping services, tax planning, new business advisory, and much more. Whether your business is new or established, small or mid-sized, you’ll always receive the personal support and exceptional service.

We concentrate our efforts on meeting the accounting and bookkeeping demands of businesses. As a knowledgeable Charlotte CPA Firm and business advisor, we provide the support you need to stay on top of your finances. We’ll keep your books organized and accurate, deliver useful financial reports, and implement tax planning strategies to minimize your tax burden.

For all of our clients, our goal is to form a long-standing professional relationship. To learn more about the entire scope of accounting, bookkeeping and tax services offered by Todd Greene, and how we can save you money on taxes, contact us for a free consultation now.

We are a team of respected professionals. We believe it is important that you have access to our most experienced consultants and we assure that you will have the full attention of our most experienced people whenever you need them.

You have worked hard to build your wealth and grow your financial portfolio. Take a load off and allow someone to help manage finances and show you how to get the most out of what you have and how to continue to grow. The specialists at Todd Greene work closely with high net worth individuals to help them realize how to get the greatest return on their investments, while keeping taxes no more than they owe. The environment we see today through all tax, financial, and legal complications is ever changing, and keeps getting more complex. Our specialists are prepared to lead and guarantee the best outcome possible. We keep your interests in mind and are ready to prepare a plan that’s best for you.

Todd Greene and our partners can work alongside you and your team or investment advisors, insurance agents, and attorneys to help you best accomplish financial success and continue to grow your wealth. High net worth individuals have a lot of needs as they have large involvement in many areas. With substantial experience in many areas you can be sure no sector is overlooked when it comes to your tax planning.

Allow us to help advise and manage your financial portfolio, help with estate and mortgage planning, assist in protecting your assets and managing your taxes. Current clients of Todd Greene can attest to our integrity and diligence as we’ve helped them design investment strategies and suggest investment products that align with their current financial goals and address risk tolerance.

Let Todd Greene help you generate income by helping you look for new ways to grow your current wealth. We know it’s important for our clients to stay on top, so our team can guide you and find ways for you to increase your purchasing power and invest in funds that may not be available to the general public. In addition to helping you grow your wealth, let us protect your assets and preserve your capital. By working closely with your legal team we can stay ahead of the curve and create a system that will protect your assets. Lastly, let Todd Greene allow you to stay out of trouble with the IRS. High net worth individuals often have multiple streams of money coming in, with proper planning these individuals can find ways to maximize their savings and still fall in line with their taxes.

Give us a call today to help protect and grow your wealth.