It is time to shake the stuffy CPA suit stereotype and actually get to know each other! We pride ourselves on many things. So, we thought we would share these 10 things you may not know about Todd Greene.

We do more than taxes.

To clarify, we do offer income tax preparation services. However, we do much more than taxes too (read on to learn more).

We work with small and large businesses.

It takes tons of time and effort to manage a business! We understand how hard it can be to keep up with all the details. One of the things you may not know about Todd Greene is we can help lighten your workload while improving your business.

We help new businesses get started.

We can assist with the step-by-step process from business development and growth and management, to budgeting and tax planning—we are ready! Are you?

We are local QuickBooks professionals.

Todd Greene is a proud member of QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program. We can ensure you quickly set up this useful tool correctly from the beginning. Plus, we can help manage and utilize it moving forward.

We offer assurance services.

What are assurance services? Basically, it covers a broad scope of tailor-made procedures, including audits, reviews, compilations, and other agreed-upon procedure services to assure all parties financial information is presented fairly.

We take a hands-on approach.

Whether you are a high net worth individual, small business owner, larger company or fall somewhere in between, Todd Greene clients receive personal attention throughout the year. We channel our creativity and expertise and offer recommendations and solutions before items become issues.  We like to meet with our business owners face to face to discuss their current tax outcomes, and provide suggestions to improve those outcomes.

We are good listeners.

The first step in any good relationship is to listen to your partner. We pride ourselves in establishing long-standing professional relationships because we hear what our clients have to say.  We actually talk and listen to our clients!

We have been established in Charlotte for more than 12 years.

Charlotte is home. This is our town and community. Building and maintaining trust has been at the forefront of our business practices from the beginning.

We are social!

One of the fun things you may not know about Todd Greene: we are social butterflies!

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We offer free consultations.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on-hand and on-staff. We love sharing information with others from cash flow to process improvements! Click here to schedule your free consultation.


To summarize, we have one main goal—our clients! We put people first. We care because your success is our success. Contact us to schedule an appointment or call us at 704-919-3220. Together we will take care of business!

To find out more about us and for additional financial news, keep reading!